Natural color blends can be difficult to formulate and equally difficult to use. Both your technical and production personnel will need training and education on how best to use natural color additives. This can be challenging where your supplier (ColorMaker) is your technical team and a co-packer provides your production staff. We understand the complexities of the current marketplace as well as the technical challenges of using natural color blends. We are dedicated to openly communicating and educating everyone involved in the product development process, from technical team members and production staff, to sales and distribution personnel. Call us. We will move your product from development board to grocery store shelf … naturally.

Prompt Response

ColorMaker prides itself in having structured its organization for fast response. Many times samples are sent out the same day of the request. The major contribution to speed is your accurate completion of our Sample Request Form. The product characteristics or properties indicated on the Form will determine (1) feasibility and (2) the specific colors that may produce the hue sought.

For Example: the Sample Request Form may indicate that the finished product is a powder, acidic, with minimal processing, kosher, to be flavored orange-citrus, and packaged in a clear bottle. The possible chromaphores that could be used include annatto, annatto with turmeric, turmeric, turmeric and beet, saffron, beta-carotene, and any anthocyanin blended with a yellow chromaphore. These combinations might all produce the desired orange hue; however, not all of these combinations area available in powdered form. The options include plating liquid chromophores onto a dry carrier or limiting our formulation to beta-carotene powder, annatto powder, and saffron powder. Annatto is eliminated because of the low (acidic) pH. Beta-carotene is eliminated because of the need for clarity. Saffron plus beet powder could work as might a few other clever combinations. ColorMaker will test multiple combinations for both hue and stability -- the best of which is sent as a natural color blend sample for your evaluation.

The natural color blend sample must be evaluated in the system for which it was developed. Some product developers use a short cut evaluation (much as one would do with FD&C colors) by testing the sample in water. If the colorant was developed for an acidic system, evaluation in water would give a false result. During your evaluation you may realize that the product has other attributes that affect the colorants, not recognized earlier. You should call us and determine if ColorMaker can modify the sample or develop a new one to meet the new conditions. Often, several iterations are needed to succeed. Our pledge to you is that ColorMaker will use its expertise and experience to meet your requirements. The process can be fast provided the sample request information is incisive and clear.

All natural color blend samples received from ColorMaker contain a Product Specification Sheet, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), a Sample Delivery Record containing our recommended starting usage level and the price. We believe that this information is critical for the product developer to make an intelligent decision.


The Specification Sheet will provide the makeup of the natural color blend and an ingredient statement (see labeling / Learning Center). ColorMaker can also provide you with a kosher certificate, allergen statement, nutritional statement, natural / GMO / organic statement, country of origin statement, and any other documentation you may need – we are transparent.






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